Acrimony of patriarchal absence

Acrimony of patriarchal absence

Acrimony of patriarchal absence

Steve Anc

Tiny record of acrimony chattered
the ceiling,
The living room reflecting light or horror with schem;
From the light, comes reflection that hurts-
Damage the veins and arteries,
Burn the epidermis;
Blood warm, but rage as magma of volcanoes,
As I watch'd your present state
As you squash'd in pain
Atop the tree;
 Lost of voice and bewildered state
 I feel your pain!

As the door of death opened to your face,
Untimely assertiv'ly; we all believe.
As your skin colliquate away atop
Palm wine tree,
Spleen , loss of love one, fatherlessness
And more relaxed on my shoulder and
Whispered to me, "now amount to nothing!"

Your departure that moment
Allay my mood,
To search is my wish;
To feel your voiceliver that dances among the stars and whirl through canyons like windblown snow, I craved.
As it dug my thoughts
Like radio active substance,
I want once more;
Your shadow as you enter, I can still imagine!

Your wish I write!
To love words, I concur:
In your cheek, I found alphabets
As I glanc'd at my watch
It is now time,
Come read my works!
It is my acrimony

Dedicated to those that lost their love ones

I am steve Anc, lover of words

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