All for my momma and other mommas

All for my momma and other mommas

All for my momma and other mommas
By Steve Anc

You are the womb that bears the Earth
The Sac that loads the family
The  hand that  first held me close
The sound of my heartbeat
you first understood
Like the flip of pancake
you wipe my tears

Long blonde hair, twirled in the wind
pretty enough to bring you some customers
Smile with eyes shining with gentle humor
Dark skin with pink lips
Innocency you find as you search her eyes
Very kind to strangers
as glimpse into glory

My days, I count as naira note
always wanting to make you proud
Though the edge of my destiny is afire
Your heart is prayer that push me up
I slice my prayer like onion to thy
asking Him to smoothen thy paths

I write you poem without heresies
You blanket my thoughts with caution
Kiss my forehead with words at my teen
Plant my feet on the path of hope
Your insanity then, is my sanity now

Your affection is stronger than affectionate kiss with closed eyes
As palpable as varicose veins
Glaring as diamond
Your tender kisses
 leave flowers in my memory

  ©Steve Anc,
the lover of words
All rights reserved

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