Ceasing dad's seat

Ceasing dad's seat

Ceasing dad's seat
Happy birthday to Steve Anc

Seconds counted
Minutes summed
Hours not forgotten
Weeks not slighted
Months rolled
Years slided

Things happened in-between
Still in the light
Ceasing dad's seat
Sifting peace from pain
Moving foundational stones

Let me but celebrate my birthday
Living from year to year
With forwarding and smiling face
And unreluctant soul
Not worried nor turning from the goals
Nor mourning for things that have disappeared

In the bright light
 not holding back to fear
from what the future veils
but with a whole and happy heart
That pays it toll
So let the waves wind up
With rushing cloud and shout out

Happy birthday to Steve Anc
the lover of words

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  1. Poetry writing is an art which is not everyone's cup of tea.Great talent you have.Keep growing!!!