Chronicles of the strides

Chronicles of the strides

Chronicles of the strides
   (The walk to finish)

  Steve Anc

Sorrow in thy closet,
when all  the witnesses are asleep
Think the day as dark as
 total eclipse,
 when the dark silhouette of the Moon completely obscures the intensely bright light of the Sun
When all garments in thy wardrobe are same color[blac~]

Forward seems as barren as desert
Plans withered as the fig tree
Walking alone in the sudden
pasture lane,
with no shoulder to lean on

Responsibilities give me no rest
Thought counting age as DreamSky
in the middle of the night,
with nothing tangible to
count along with
The silver spoon,
now in clinging mist

Not yesterday I learn to know
the pain of waiting heart
Hope gives assurance in the desolate,
but the Earth fades with deserted trees and touch of heavy sky
So the beauties we so truly see,
became clouded and blurred
 But keep pacing the stride,
the walk will soon finish.

My name is Steve Anc, lover of words.

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