Confirm before you commit

Confirm before you commit

Confirm Before you commit

Steve Anc

Choruses of bitter voices jabbered in my head,
singing the mind to consciously consider what the eyelids  saw

Everywhere my feet stood, I  tracked back
As a mad man, reconsidering what made him laugh at twilight
As lizard, asking why it encouraged itself in the midst of its kinsmen

The two lips uttered "I do" for the sake of the left brain,
the right stood awed
The right foot asked, "why it walked in sequence with the left?"

Hearts beckoned ignorance with open hands
"They said it, I believe it", it sang along

Legs transgress  the evil forest with overwhelmed tongue
query and walk in the paths of thy  ancestors echoed by river goddess

No one wakes to talk the incubus
The last time I dreamt, father and mother got stained by  ugly belief

The rain of regret from the mother's eyes and the crying drum from father's throat taught me
to confirm  before I  commit.

I am Steve Anc, lover of words.

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