Hold our hands, lest we fall

Hold our hands, lest we fall

Hold our hands, lest we fall

The lands are fallow, grown  weeds with thorns
The entrance gate was stained as the city of Sodom and Gomorrah
The floor was mixed with moisture and gasoline
The soul, search for meaning as a white man in the tropic
Bambino cry at the sight of it
Energetic youths walk with extreme consciousness on their sleeves
Hold my hands

Father said, all I have is for you when am gone
Land, craft, big iroko trees in the garden
All I sang with my two lips was that  father had paved the way
Where I have to learn, father bribed the way
Money solves everything father said
So I walked around with indocile brain as drops of oil in a white shirt
Hold my hands

 Brother abandoned one another at the most wanted moment
Tongues lash hot words, hotter than magma of a volcano
Like, this land is useless, take snipper as a panacea
Depression bragged itself as beast with seven  horns
Tomenting the city
Hold my hands

B.Sc. stood as a nonentity in the city of employment
Brother already live three decades, still in search
The land is useless, the mouth said
I thought I was good, and I was from the land
That I can walk around alone
Hold my hands

There is a sense in unity
All the sense we need to cross the ocean

Hold our hands, lest we fall!

 ©Steve anc
Lover of words

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