Joyful heart

Joyful heart


Oh joyful heart!
 On the highest wing, you soar,
  Building your nest in the
    heart of men
     As the only  sweet song
        from the river of Babylon.

Oh joyful heart!
  He that studies thy rhythm,
    beckons joy
      Your melody melts my heart
        Singing in the shade,
          where all things rest.

Oh joyful heart!
   In vengeance we dwell
    Confraternities lured the heart
      Tit for tat, the mouth said
        In lack and nightmare,
         our feet plant
           Plant thy seed  in a bully heart

Oh joyful heart!
  I call thee from within,
    The only vibe that ulter envy        worthless
      As jealousy left as dejected entity
        Acrimony eyed thee with gasp
         Asperity spat at thy footprint
           Causticity seeks thy downfall
           Tartness wish to bath with thee

Oh joyful heart!
  In thee I found succour
   Paint me with empathy
    and uproot psychopath
      My song of melody,
       I rehearsed for thee

My name is Steve Anc, lover of words

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  2. So beautiful and joyful as the title says.

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  3. Your poems are too good..Keep writing!!!.