Life: a moving vehicle

Life: a moving vehicle

Life:  A moving vehicle
Steve Anc

Hollow hollow  hollow
In the surface of the entity
In the solace of endurance
In the mud of hope
In the solace of a cavity it moves.

Hollow hollow hollow
As a vehicle in a heavy traffic
As centipede  in the dry season
As the water boiled with empty gas cylinder
As an old man walking on a slippery floor it moves

Hollow hollow hollow
As crawling baby without guidance
As old woman chewing without teeth
As leprous infected legs
As a city without a leader
As a happy goat, it moves

Hollow hollow hollow
it moves
As push and start vehicle
As energetic youth
As a running horse
Like a hungry lion, it moves

Hollow hollow hollow
As a flying dragon
With eagle's wings
As a limitless vehicle
As the speed of light
As a soul without pain or sorrow,
 it moves

My name is Steve Anc
My first poem

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