Living beyond corporality(beyond Talent)

Living beyond corporality(beyond Talent)

Living beyond  corporality
           (Beyond talent)
Steve Anc

Oh flesh!
what a sacred entity thou are?
Garment of many colors designed by our Creator,
 To elucidate talent as abstract  being;
Hidden from the uncontrollable flashes emitt'd from the eyes
As a moon and silver water in a cling
Though helpless when death gives it's hand for marriage
To read-our sentence and deprieve us joy.

The deception of mankind
Though integumentary of sagacity,
Harbinger of creativity and
unfathomable skills.

There is  no other media to educe ourselves than through thee,
The intent of our Creator, we relish through thee
Only to be cloth'd, f'd and gleam
In the grim treadmill of daily living
You were made.

What a analogous term thou are?
 Though had thought would amount to nothing
Because was  lin'd with despondency
With foreign look devoid of hope;
But now surprisely put the specs of avowal
Such act, I could not but accredit to our Maker

 The eyes that see beyond the trees
With clearity of view
And carved out what only the mind can interpret
As heavenly voice  whispers
Though dim and still it may be
But comes with garment of directions
With eyes seeing beyond the flesh.

©Steve Anc
 lover of words.
All rights reserved

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