Nature will say, "here comes the man"

Nature will say, "here comes the man"

Nature will say, "here comes the man"
By Steve Anc

I strive to suppress the thought,
always place  the mind in a happy state  and  uphold what the eyeslid covered

Acting as though the heart bleeds not; as if, life is  as rose as the face shines with heavy make-up and the feet run faster than the speed of light

I was consumed in psychopathic  state and  buried my empathy, because I choose not to feel his pain

I choose not to look in his direction

Not to appreciate his efforts

Not to consider how life has been unfair with him

Not to think of how many times he had tried and failed, but didn't give up

But as life thrust in my paths on my walk to destiny, man and his responsibilities overwhelmed my reasoning

Then I began to ruminate:

Despite how frantical life is,  he strive

He strives to make the kitchen warm and the table busy every night

To cover the shame of his family, he strive to deprive himself reasonable meal

Sometimes he walked from City to city without sense of  direction or focus,  just not to be labeled as a lazy man

Most times he is insulted, abused, jilted  and tossed around as pawn in the chess board of life  but he took all in good fate  because of his wife and kids

Am overwhelmed by his  great potential

His ability to keep pushing

His ability to endure in the dark, till he sees the light

Where did your strength comes from

 The element are so mixed in you  that nature will rise up and say this is the man.

I am Steve Anc,
lover of words

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