Oh Death: who are thou?

Oh Death: who are thou?

Oh  Death: who are thou?
        By Steve Anc

...because disappearing is unquestionable
who are we to query the infinitum
the breath without notification,
walked with oblivion
the land unsatisfied
skins helpless at  beneath
Who are thou?

Mind always inquisitive,
asking of what end;
Humans boom and dowdy at a blink
if you look back, you will turn to an arrow,
or a fan blowing grief;
the heart pant in quest
who are thou?

The mother eyed the son with
helpless gasp on her breath,
Graveyard, the library of bones;
Skeletons as a recognition that we passed this phase
Who are thou?

The only wall that collapse when darkness clash with light,
returning to the dust is inevitable;
We know the cloud only burst when a ghost is crying for water
who are thou?

About thee, I choose not to think,
not to know what thou are;
I wrote this
because nothing last forever
Except prophecy!

© Steve Anc
Lover of words
All rights reserved

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