The Filthy hands

The Filthy hands

The Filthy hands

Steve Anc

Oh filthy hands in a concrete body
And reprobate heart
From the celestial invisible abor'd
Came the voice,
Take them off!

No pain can resemble the one inflicted the vein
It is sweet to die than to leave with your finger prints in my body
The land of my birth sibilat'd
Teri Hatcher bled in pain
Rufus Wainwright  curs'd your foot prints

 You caused my heart to bleed profusely!
Inside of me there are words to come out
Words that detail'd me in sorrow and in pain
Many years has gone, still  bound me in despair
Terror of your shadow
Lead me to leave in a world full of dismay;

Wish this memory will fade away forever
My left brain sang it as a fresh song
Hot tears vow'd never to cease
Caus'd the nightmare lives with me
To shout out those memories is my wish
To tell you
Take off your filthy hands!

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