The paths that never meet

The paths that never meet

The paths that never meet

   Steve Anc

Sleep, let me sleep for I recorded no profit;
Sleep, let me sleep for my grieve worried me;
Mew  the lights, for my eyes are inert
Leave me let me snore, I am in twilight;
My bed calling my name, because my head is as heavy as rock,
And the pillow to suck my tears as bedbugs

Close the door and bequeath me  abaft,
As bat that had found peace in darkness;
Let the lengthy stream from the neighboring village inveigle my heart,
Because the interior one languid  as  incubus;
And thicker than  water mixed with calcium and magnesium

Plug me no rose that withers at the dusk,
Nor play me the best lyric that dies when ear arches,
Fit only for a tired old man;
For they bring me poppies fierced with sleepy death
And ivy asking for the peace it didn't give
As primroses that open to the moon

Listen, the love Melody has tossed into melancholy
The simple voice that sings, now yells
The echoe had taken it up and handed me the howl
The hill and the wind had ceased the lyrics;

Chill, chill, I said chill,
Though there are good memories on the paths we've walk'd
Still walking on the paths that will never meet!

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