The phase of triumph (From a provocative heart)

The phase of triumph (From a provocative heart)

The phase of triumph
(From a provocative heart)
           Steve Anc

 We are vernals,
we are blooming, we are hale;
we are as  swift as hawk
As brave as Achilles
As careless as wind
As dreadful as a gathering storm
As deceptive as the mirage of the desert.

What a challenging phase we sodjourn?
Life is but a fight, survival of the fittest carved out by the nobles;
All that is in us, we gladly wish to tender,
Always besotted by much to do, but less been accomplish'd,
Because crown'd with embago of distraction.

Maudlin with wine of banter
Though sprang from the valley, and leaping for the peak
Smiling in hope, as a foam from spring flowers.

What a phase dwell!
Where we harden our hearts, to Him that made us in His image
And pursue badinage;
What a triumphant and pride shall be ours that do His will!
Imagine where it will beacons unto us,
the crown of success.

Days seems to hand us with so much to do;
New journey to embark on, new field to conquer,
and time is on the run,
Gray hairs are peeping, a winkle or two as we can see,
Without the knowledge of our pocket.

Somehow our footsteps are loosing their springs,
Abandon'd by reality, caught by the nest of fake lover and pseudo appearances;
Youth have really been a challenge phase,  as age travel fast.

Sometimes I wonder,
does this haste worth it?
we've choosen our tracks and we've  continue pacing with strive not minding the strides,
Life choicest victory is a flat to taste.

Have we labourer'd too long?
Are we too late to start?
Have we wandered into lethargy?
Power, wealth, fame h'ld us bound...
The question is this:
Can we look back in years to come and celebrate this mad glad years of youth's glorious phase
and boldly say "I had a triumphed phase!"?

©Steve Anc
lover of words
All rights reserved

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