The torment of a destitute

The torment of a destitute

The torment of a destitute
 Steve Anc

Oh nature!
Dispel from this darkness in their paths
Cloths their minds with garment of pure reasoning
Save them from their own blind folly
Life has grown uneven,
though they are thy handmade.

Oh nature!
Things seemly grow unseemly
The friendly plans has become a thorn to their thoughts
Neither hear or behold in their state, the law that divinity brings; which the privileged obeyed.

Oh nature!
They are aimlessly straying in the paths of ignorable strife
Men with zeal unblest, that are wearied  to become
Men with a baser quest, that are turned to mockery and shame.

Oh nature!
Deliver they that are shroulded in ignorance and bathed in riverside of  destitute
That them, being honoured may honour and respect thy name
No worrier trusted in thee.

Oh nature!
Though great first cause,
Least understand
Whose all my sense and thought originate  from,
remember the destitute.

My name is Steve Anc, lover of words

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