The village boy in the city

The village boy in the city

The village boy in the city

   Steve Anc

Chums I have had,
Cronies not lacking
To leave with momma, my wish
Childhood memories, to bring back
Primary school days, I stammered
To call a name, I tapp'd
All wash'd away as mirage

Each morning summon'd me at momma's hutch
To devour the local pear
To be stain'd by its oil
To carouse water from earthen pot
with my bosom coadjutors
Now dwell with those memories
Cause all are gone
now village boy in the city.

Children I love
The fair ones I admired
Fairest among the girls,
I kept for myself
To gloat as a goddess,
from the reflection in the window
Clos'd are her doors on me,
her face not to see
All stood now as imagery

Ghost-like I paced around the city
In search of my childhood
Earth seemed as desert I was bound to traverse
Seeking to find my old self
In oblivious city I wandered

Though I had friends,
A kind hearted ones, I remember
Kinder to all men:
Abruptly, I left my friends to the city
Am not an ingrate
Cause am still
The village boy in the city!

Am still same Steve Anc
 Lover of words

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