Uninterrupted quest from dedicated heart

Uninterrupted quest from dedicated heart

Uninterrupted quest from dedicated heart

       Steve Anc

In my solitary hutch I stride around
And murky thoughts locked my soul in the dark;
Where no cordial dreams, approach my subconscious
And the bear melody of life, present no rhymes;
When sweet hope traverse the future plans,
And wave its silver opinion o'er my head;

Every day, I swerve at the dusk,
As a lost ogba seed in search of relieve
Where the big trees in eme ozo ovum shut out the fast approaching moon's bright ray,
And sadness array my thought as the only available garb;
Frown to cast fair cheerfulness away from my abode

 Disappointment–parent of despair and frustration
Strive for her sons to cease my peaceful heart;
When like a cloud, they sit upon the air,
Preparing on their spell-bound rapine to dart;
Chasing hope and faith away, as fearless masquerade
Frighten them as morning frighten night!

Whene'er the mouth of those I hold so dear in my mind
Tell my left breast a tell of sorrow;
Oh fearless and ever-focus'd heart
Let  awhile thy sweet comfort into sorrow;
Because the heaven's born radiance is your comforter
And will bring succour over your head

Let me quest for patriot of highest calling
For great is the heart that receive the crown;
With base splash of crystals
As a lightening eyes, ready to devour
Make me see my earnest quest atop from the sky
As I thrive into  the cloud
With uninterrupted quest to finish!

©Steve  Anc,
All rights reserved

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