A lonely Soul in a busy World

A lonely Soul in a busy World

A lonely Soul in a busy World


By Steve Anc

The world had gotten wings,
it's flying into the unexpected.
Complexity is the order of the day,
because uniformism had given  way to utilitarianism.
Cooperation had been stolen by the ache of loneliness.

"Always be careful, life is business," echoed the voice.
I have read newspapers, books, and magazines that said, 'mind your business buddy!'

I wish to revisit the past,
The time when I can walk from one end of the town to another without worrying.
Time when Momma would whisper my name from the kitchen and the echo would vibrate the town.
The time when children recognized the presence of moon in the sky at night.

Time when the elders of the land would put on their garments of laughter and walked into the town hall  to have palm-wine, colanut and pay homage to the gods of our land.
The time when the distance between Obilaji and Agbiyi was just a stone-throw, before autonomous struck the cord.

Now the town had gotten so big, I don't know anyone anymore.
People coming and going all the time,
I never know who is living next to my doors.
Houses spreading all over tarnation like viruses, without plans to curtain them.

I remember when I was a boy, I knew everybody in the town,
we left our doors unlocked.
Never be afraid.
We used to sit outside on the front porch and talk.

Those were good times,
Things had fallen apart,
nobody has time for anybody anymore.
No more hide and seek at the back of an orange trees or plantain trees.
Everyone is inside watching television and not saying much of anything to anybody.

What a lonely soul in a busy world!

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