A Rejected Lover

A Rejected Lover

A Rejected Lover

   By Steve Anc

There were myriad of thoughts on ifesinachi's mind as he sat on the lonely path. He wore his sadness around his neck like a neckless made of  stone.

His feelings were so mixed that it took him a long period of time to sort them out. "Why must she respond in such a manner?", he questioned himself as he sat in silence.

Ugodiya's NO  to him at that moment was as fresh as words selected from today's newspaper; but because of  love covereth all things, he acted as though it lacked bitterness at the moment.

"This was my first real encounter with a matured and beautiful lady and I had failed. Was I not reasonably good looking? I was not unduly shy; I could talk to girls fairly easily.  Why then did I behave like a carved wooden figure before her?"  These questions thrust itself into ifesunachi's mind.

... ifesinachi had studied her for a moment. It appeared her mind was far away from the conversation ground. But there was no knowing since she looked down and her long eyelashes completely obscured what the lids failed to cover. He made up his mind to cross over to her. As he drew in one leg preparatory to rising, Ugodiya raised her head and looked at him in the face and said NO...

He winced, then tried to smile but fail. His attempt to say another thing ended in a stammer. Clumsily he stretched out his hands to hold her but in his confusion he misjudged the distance and his hands fail to reach her..

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