Best childhood memory ever

Best childhood memory ever

Best childhood memory ever

By Steve Anc

My momma said, "Do not take it at heart chii, after all, you have fallen him in wrestling match last eke day. Your personal Chi was not at home that was how I view it."

Also our people have a saying, "a man's god may be away on a journey on the day of an important fight and that may make all the difference."

...immediately I guessed igbozuruike's intention. Though we had had  qurrel few days back at a small riverbank.

I am slight build well proportioned average young man, but Igbozuruike had a narrow square head(axe-head according to villagers) and an iroko trunk. Worst still he had a temper as bad as of a man with withlows on his ten fingers.

"...we have had enough of word, let's use our hands too. If you think that we are age-mate cross this line...

I leaped for a flying tackle. Igbozuruike sank on one knee, collected me on his shoulder and flung me heavily on the ground. I disengaged myself and waited for him to use one of my deadly tactics.

For several minutes we pushed one another, treading down bushes like antelopes caught in a rope trap.

At last I got under his armpits and began to push him back at full speed hoping that some undergrowth grass would entangle his two legs and make him fall. It almost happened, but as Igbozuruike was about to fall, he turned slightly sideway, engaged me on the floor with numbers of blow.

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