Breaking Environmental Code

Breaking Environmental Code

Breaking environmental code
                   Steve Anc

I come from a place known as clash of Titans figuratively.
A land where destinies are birthed in midst of torns and future seems bleak and pale.

I come from a place where humanity work hand in hand with universal law to replace vibrant and docile mind with indocility and complacency.

A place where difficulties will gaze at you directly and say, "guy do your worst." And challenges always earger to envelope your sense of focus.

I come from a land where creative minds give in to frivolity and vibrant youths to façade ideologies and unproductive idiosyncrasies.

So I grew up to read stories of men who have  failed, but here comes a fearless being. A being who directly or indirectly had trained  his mind and body to see beyond the present for the joy ahead.

A being who has sincerely learnt to trust the void of the land and use it as stairways to his journey to limitless sky.

A being who had seen the glory ahead and endured the pain and frustration.

You are the being!

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