Dedicated to obstinacy

Dedicated to obstinacy

Dedicated to obstinacy
                          Steve Anc

O, Kindly Sun!
Roll in his route the board of cause and effect;
Understanding Moon!
Gleam to see thy  track,
So  those underneath thy feathers will expedite with pure reasoning.

The reek from the wrap seems to exalt him,
T'is the highest degree of ecstacy;
Despite the atmosphere hang fiery,
Self-inflicted addiction struck with intransigent;
Obstinacy is a fault of temperament,
Cause stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave.

But when that long-awaited day
Hangs ripe in the heavens,
 mouth cough out blood;
Because the heart totally darken with smoke as earthenware pot.
Lung cancer marshalled like soldiers in gay company,
As the  skin stand helpless to point of death.

Oh, ignorant soul!
Wheel into the sunshine and see the after hours,
Harmless it seems  with flaunting colours spread right?
Because reason drench'd into allusion.

But with arson burning as you can't see;
Though, I can't force abstainance into thee,
But there are  platoons of wisdom fuel'd from my thoughts.

©Steve Anc
Lover of words
All rights reserved
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