Don't gobble it down!

Don't gobble it down!

Don't gobble it down

 Steve Anc

"Money answereth all things" the Bible declared.

And our people said, "when a rich man is sick a beggar goes to visit him and say sorry. When the beggar is sick, he waits to recover and then goes to tell the rich man that he had been sick."

It is on this emblem that a man who has achieved great wealth in  lands and livestocks now wishes to pin an eagle's feather on his success by buying admission  into the powerful and  highest hierarchy of -ozo for total recognition.

But here comes he who understood the saying of the Bible and elders but lives inversely proportional.
A leader without title.
A monk that sold his Ferrari.
A gobbler!

Life without savings and investments into the future is more difficult and more complex than the succession of hot and cold flushes of malaria.

While gobbling all down your stomach, remember your generations.
Old age is ticking faster than we can imagine.

Don't gobble it down!

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