Envision the narrow chute

Envision the narrow chute

Envision the narrow chute

 Steve Anc

There were shadows all around,
the environment seemed unfamiliar and threatening as he sat.
His breath puffed dust in the stillness.
 His eyes scanned the darkest corner of the vicinity in search for light.

The panting from his breath was a clear definition of uncertainty and fear.
But the  look in his eyes revealed his deepest thought of readiness.

Of course, there had been times when we had been curious to know what the future hold.
To know what lay beyond the hedge people have predicted for us.
To know how and when the parental promises will begin to yeild results.

To know when the universe and mother nature would recognize our resilience and sagacity and declare "congratulations."

gravitational law is against you already.
Thoughts midst with feeling of   complacency,
the eyes clouded with the web of  impossibilities.

But keep the hope alive,
don't give up
and don't give in yet to challenges.
Look beyond the environment,
envision yourself in a narrow chute, where nothing pushes you than the glory ahead.

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