Helpless but still Hopeful

Helpless but still Hopeful

Helpless but still Hopeful


Steve Anc

Every day, I am trapped in my own word, enveloped in my web.
The world bite me every now and then, but I felt as though it lacks teeth because hope had been my amour.

My thought was not on this line to today,  but the level of inequlity in the world instigated it.

The world is unfair!

 I wish this cup  could pass them by.
They deserved to be loved, but the hand of love withheld itself from their bossom. They deserved to be cared, but were abandoned in unclad terrain.

 None understood that they were where they were as a result of sinister acted of unprotected randy hoods which cannot be aborted.

After you and I must have had our meals, they would feed from the scrumbles. They compete with dogs, cats and rats just to stop the war raging in their stomachs.

Perhaps, they have been neglected.
Tomorrow is not certain, but they will become figures to reckon with.

  They would crawl through the dirt wall of life and the unfading chameleon faeces and become people you and I would respect.

There is hope for them.

There is hope!

They are homeless presently but not hopeless.

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