I find no pleasure in them

I find no pleasure in them

I find no pleasure in them
I find no pleasure in them

Most of the time I could manage to forget;
not to look  in the street  but to aim at the goal.
And then came the master's voice summoning me to have a look at the happening.

 As this image bore in my mind,
 the consequences of cause and effect beckoned itself. The old thought came welling up from the grave of buried consequences.  I ruminated  with absolute discretion; weighing the aftermath of everyone's action.

Asking myself many rhetorical questions.
Asking irrefutable whys.
Asking for the maximum  enliven of street life.
Asking for the infinitude of   liquors lifestyle.
Asking what instigated this, overlooking the outcome and digging for the root.

I got to the  conclusion that life is aa choic.
Everyone is entitle to his or her own opinion and mindset.
The Infinity Creator can't control anyone's will,
even the Bible said, "I have given you the right to choose..."

She knew the truth but choose to suppress it,
and  finally, her soul shouted from within, "I find  no pleasure in them!"

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