In the testament of victory

In the testament of victory

In the testament of victory
Steve Anc

Momma look up  it's me
It's me, chimezie (Steve),
It's not hazy any longer
Nebulous h'd given way
Ihe adiwo mma;
The veil behind the feeling is torn,
Water is passing through the tunnel
It has smoothened the cracked paths.

Look up momma
Can you hear  my voice
Can you read my words?
Let's swoop, soar, and scream for  joy,
 The clangor of brass had  beaten against the hot sunlight.

The foggy h'd given way,
The rain of blessings is drizzling
Cause who has victory, has right.
And the day of victory no one is tired,
Wherever you are momma, lookup.

The throats of the little red trumpet-flowers arewide open,
They bray and blare at the burning sky
Splitting the sunlight into  ribbons,
tattering and shouting with a noisy roar.

Momma look up and behold wonders,
I have  slid'd beads asunder,
And l'y each tasteless particle aside.
Therefore, birds are singing again
And the thunderous voice of waters h'd calm'd the hassle.

The sun h'd risen from the East,
The barren lands are fruitful,
The tree and bushes had grown in the rock
The clouds are lifting,
The sun is breaking through the darkest tunnel.

We are coming out of darkness into the light;
As the roaring crowds go by
As the banners flare and the brasses blare,
And the great guns rend the sky;
And the sound of triumph rent the air.

We are coming into a new world
A world of peace and longevity;
Where the champagne glasses clink
A lovely and kindly world,
Where faith and peace will rise above fear and violent,
A world where youths will have a single purpose and pursue it.

Momma look up
Light up your face again and glance ahead,
The river is a-flop with fishes, and ripples silver-clear
The midnight sunshine brims and penetrates the deepest valley.

 The soul of men have  given wings,
And at last, they are beginning to hie;
They  are flying into the rainbow
into the limitless,
Into the light of hope and happiness
Into the future.

©Steve Anc
lover of words
All rights reserved

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