The feeling behind the veil

The feeling behind the veil

The feeling behind the veil

Steve Anc

In the silence of  the night
I was drowned in ocean of pain
 strewn in cobfetti of stars
ambivert  have been known for
Because have frowned at introvert
Excommunicat'd extrovert
In search of concord

Is it not strange
In Few months past, surround'd by thoughts lack of  humdrum
Though I did  my decent job
As I hung punctuality on my sleeve

Was averagely happy as a being in the jungle
 in my little hutch, I was content'd
With prosy days in stolid labour
I watch'd my seconds, as it amount to minutes
without considering the outcome of next hour

But stranger  than any book,  I have ever read
Life zipp'd a page
A painful pageant
A  folio  of memories
A disgusting page of experiences from the past
On a reeking battlefield I weep'd
Under the stars and the moon
Cropp'd up by smearly death

 Still cogitating in search
who will plod through my mind
 Who will feel the drops been ooz'd out
Here I am, worstly  wound'd than you would  thought

I sit in the desolate quiet and wait for the infinite Rest
The mountains pose in their ermine on my face
And I think it's only the river that keeps me from going mad

 Take me to the moon
And let it be my envelope
 where to  dwell without memories
To a Dream world,  where to leave in fantasy
To the thickest forest,
where to dwell with hummingbird

Maybe you've seen me sometimes maybe you've judged me then-
But i am  lonely waif of the wood-camp
 here by my wooden-sitting hutch

My life was a problem in ciphers
 a weary and profitless sum that you can't see
I shall be far from your judgement, if you could feel  beyond the veil

©Steve Anc
lover of words
All rights reserved
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