Heart, Peace and Happiness

Heart, Peace and Happiness

 Heart, Peace and Happiness

By Steve Anc

I was awakened by the chirping of birds outside my window. I have not heard such a sound before, so dreadful but alluring.

 It was as a quake.
Seductive to the mind, disturbance to the ear, palliate to the body.
My eyes were still closed and I saw the image of a peaceful and happy lad.

Yes, if happiness  and peace could make sound, this is what it would be like.

So intoxicating
As a hummingbird that silences the entire universe
As a drop of water into a metallic bucket, whose sound vibrates the entire city
As a lorry that conveys  the souls of men in the city of oneness.

But reverse is the case.
The heart bleeds every second
The eyes release hot tears of pain
There is a great distance in the mind
There is a bridge to communication
The thought countinues asking, "who will understand me, I wish they can hear me out?"

Husbands consume  bitter and hard liquors with a metallic face but  bleeding hearts
Wives cry profusely in the secret but conceal their pain when the child is coming
Brothers envision death trap for one  another
Sisters are  consumed by envy.

The world needs peace and happiness
Africa cry for peace
Nigeria cry for conflict resolution
I, Steve Anc, advocate for peace and happiness.

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  1. Outstanding imagery and language Steve!

    Favorite line, " As drop of water into a metallic bucket, whose sound vibrates the entire city"
    I could see your vision of happiness, it was all through the poem. The ending is superb!

    Understanding peace and harmony is challenging, while the world erupts with new tragedies and outbreaks of Covid-19, humanity will continue struggling through the hardships and come out in the end, better prepared. I think I'm learning a lesson in feeling, peace and happiness, to look forward in the future to the small gifts in life to be thankful for.

    Peace be with you Steve, another fantastic poem!