The testament of frivolities

The testament of frivolities

The testament of frivolities
( Poem from the mundane mind)
          Steve Anc

As the mouth keep chattering,
So did her mind shatter'd away by
The dangling from my ink;
As I mention'd I am a writer:
"what is that you write about?"
She asked.

"A poem not a prose–
Oh, only mind puzzling poems"
As she shook her dark-long hair,
The atmosphere seem'd to grow colder beneath my armpit.

Oh, what a beautiful alluring she was!
Whereas, i was only author of poems
That came with a collection of notes,
 Less I know she came with a flowers of  love.

Alas for the caprice of cupid!
Alack for the phantoms of fame!
It was love at first sight
Cause her name I knew not,
Mine didn't display in her mind.

I saw love drove off in a rehearse,
I took a retrea in terror....
Thanks heaven I didn't make that error;
But as she start'd  quoting my verses,
Inwardly louder was my laughter;
She had known me some years past.

©Steve Anc
lover of words

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