What a dogma

What a dogma

What a Dogma!


     By Steve Anc

The  destructive object, which was made for the purpose and also qualified the Bible verse that says, "for this purpose have I made him...", pierced his head as targeted stone meant for Goliath by David.

 Though the pain  was more intense than the affliction suffered by the children of Israel in the hand of Pharoh and his horsemen, but who was the lad to move an inch or raise eyebrow, as they carried out their creative work.

But the lad considered the glory ahead and bore the pain. He was like a prospective Martyr who has sharply trained his soul's gaze to look past the blurred impending ordeal to sharply focus on the crown of glory ahead.

Also parents of the lad acted as though the incision has no pain, because it was conspired by the kinsmen.

It was due to the elders of the land had choosen to call any lad without this "mask" as "child of nothing" or sometimes when they felt more charitable, 'lad from another planet', that none querry this act.

But what a lad!

The kinsmen sat down  and concluded  that the created is imperfect, and the creator was wrong; therefore,  let us make him on  our own image and likeness.

Is there unrighteousness in God?
What a dogma!
What a continent!
What a world!

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