Adieu to the Passing Year

Adieu to the Passing Year

Adieu to the passing year
 Steve Anc

With sparks of heav'nly flame,
I toss'd months front to back,
 Cosy before the fire;
Waiting to resolve cause and effect.
Solenmness of  deliberations give me no rest,
Thinking unthinking passing year;
In abstinence  and sady fraught-
With much of blame, little of praise,
Cause heart find gratification in blame than praise.

Oh great year!
Upon the stage of time, thou are about to  cringe adieu to humanity.
As chime  of clock you had thick'd,
Within a wink, your cup is overflow'd;
Your journey is greviours to majority and blithe to minority,
As you crawn from dawn to dingy,
With a mission of end at heart.

Your menge is tragicomic,
your steps are slow though steady;
You falter as a sage in pain.
Oh year!
Before you go, face your audience again-
Let us read, whatever it cost,
Just to swing in the pendulum of victory.

Oh damsel!
 Why thou shivereth in tears?
Oh matron!
 Why thou  gnasheth thy  teeth?
Is it for noticeable opportunities lost?
Is it for the dearest one lost?
Your trust'd lover prov'd unlov'd?
What hath this year done to thee?

And you, deep shrinking in regret,
What find thee in that nasty  wall of life?
What manner of tragic doom?
What urge to crime, what evils done?

From face to face, I gleam'd,
Met with countless eyes that stare,
Some with hope, some in shadow of despair.
Some shower with smile, some rinse
With frown;
Some in  pain, some in woe;
Enough oh year!
Ring the curtains down!
It's time to go.

©Steve Anc
lover of words
All rights reserved
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