Born on 4th of December

Born on 4th of December

Born on 4th of December
(Happy birthday Remi)

                             Steve Anc

He was born in the hill,
Dott'd with village quiet andsmall
Though inhabit it's citizens as a shield
With a scenic landscape.

He was born with a free-flowing
Excellent spirit,
And well nurtured-temperament
In such a blessed family of Adeniji.

No wonder
He lives a free and blissful life,
From the 4th of December some years
Cause he was born by  equally well  free-spirited man.

Yes, he is my friend by the  name, Remi Adeniji,
For peace and joy, you will dwell in,
For pain and sorrow, there will never be;
Hardly will there be day you won't rejoice.

Happy birthday ore mi

A poem from your friend to you
I am Steve Anc

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