Wearing off the Demon of self-appraisal

Wearing off the Demon of self-appraisal

The Demon of self-appraisal

 Poet: Steve Anc

Three seasons I had  err to forget,
To consider chirrupy,  as a natural occurence,
And squeeze gratetude, as unwelcome wench.
For no reason for being thankfulness,
Cause on my brow was evil sweat;
As heart that tour in a waif.

Three times I had lolly in lofty,
No signal of seeing as one,
Yet I knew beyond doubt, is in me;
But there is one mightier than me,
To be set free from myself;
Though confined in paddle cell
Never willing to run to Him.

Three times, I had reflect'd as a thankless wretch, I ought to say;
Plights harden'd my feelings,
Never, never, free will I be
Confin'd me to concentrate on sensual.
Oh! how malignant that would be?
A  young and coming too,
Yet dim by demons of self-appresal.

There is but one to know,
Three times, i had glorified self
The fourth, I knew there is a God
Therefore, will seek His narrow path
 Sight the light and distance lighting
Hear its thunder roaring roll
Coming to set me free.

© Steve Anc
all rights reserved

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