Destiny Unfold

Destiny Unfold

Destiny Unfold  

Steve Anc 

  His picture buoyed around my wall as wind wanting to escape from wind van or should I say  wind of  destiny.

"But I have begotten thee my  son... Be still and know that I am God...." Whispered to me by  a Voice, as a audible as gift, to relay to you.

I know presently, you are confronted by sea of uncertainty, sitting in the wall of childhood playfulness.   But one day,  multitude of people will witness this childish display of yours.

I so much  believe in you boy; because I have no friends called Thomas to scruple my  inclination, nor brother named Nathaniel  to vilify your environment, neither do I have a wife called Jezebel that can influence my prowess and sagacity.

But boy remember this: my profession enjoins me to maintain discretion. I mean absolute discretion on a point like this!

But I chose to break the protocol. Yes, I want to go against natural phenomenal to relay this to you.

 "Your greatest risk is your childhood friends, those who grow up with you in your village. Keep them at arm's length and you will leave long."

I am Steve Anc, a wanna be author

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