I shouldn't have

I shouldn't have

I shouldn't have

Steve Anc

I wasn't aware of the end'
The path of bitterness and acerbity-
Wherein no bounce I see,
No creature inhale  freshness;
Grudgingly walk'd I, not to be left behind,
Unwillingly wear'd I, not to walk bare foot'd,
Because exhaust'd of glee,

I am fed to the teeth with fresh ewe,
I might have   shoot the pig,
Had I surjourn in the hood;
But trust'd my ears than my nose
To give me warning when pigs are
But  now I face a pig that was old when the world was young
The more you shoot him the less he dies.

In the paths of peril I trod:
In rain, in sun I dwell, without a shade,
Wonder why I wander to no where;
Colleagues gnash'd as skins smok'd away,
So did many went wistfully,
Some to the devil's way,
Some desert'd in desert.

Adien to momma, that pray'd for
Safe trip
Goodbye to chums that wav'd fairwell
Valediction to smile when I trod out of momma's hutch;
My journey was a nightmare:
Darkness had drifft'd down
With weary feet, the body falls

Steve Anc
lover of words
All rights reserved

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