Ideal woman

Ideal woman

Ideal woman

By Steve Anc 

Like the rain, after a long dry season, her image poured into my mind.
She came with overwhelming tenderness and understanding in her eyes.
Her face and smile are companion, the usual smile played on her lips, the gap in her teeth enhancing
its innocency

Ideal woman
As her prestige mounted its maintenance walked with  wisdom.
She became more sensitive to criticism and would go to any length to avoid it.

Ideal woman
Women adore her,
Children like her,
men were awestruck before her,
Ladies envied her.

Ideal woman
was becoming of a phenomenon,
a figure to reckon with.
She knew she was not better than anyone else,
she thought her virtues were the products of chance,
but as days went by she began to loath her good manners.

Ideal woman
she became less delighted when people praise her,
it was as if they were confining her to an ever-narrowing prison.

 Ideal woman
I have never seen annoyed or worried,
I Wish to have a mind of yours.
Very skillful at solving problems as situations unfold, never bothered unduly.
Always polite, never give offense

Ideal woman
only the person who did not know her would misunderstanding her personality
she carried herself gracefully and a new radiant form of beauty suffused her face.

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