My Papa explained the unknown

My Papa explained the unknown

My Papa explained the unknown 
     Steve Anc

...his laughter vanished as it had come---that is, without warning or leaving  footprints--as sign to remember what triggered the laughter.

It was a kind of laughter one sometimes heard from  a masked ancestral spirit. He would salute you by name and asked if you knew who he was.

Then he might laugh again as if through a throat of metal. And the meaning of the laughter was that son, you might not understand the meaning of what thou seeketh.

You are the only person in this Abia state, I mean Nigeria or should I say the whole Africa or whole wide world that did not know the meaning of Osu.

 I laughed at my ignorance but he frowned at it, because he expected me to know many things.

Then I asked him,  "Papa what exactly is Osu? Pls explain so that those that read my write-up will know."

He responded, 'Osu is like  leprosy in the mind of our people. An outcast. Dedicated to the gods of our land. A sacred family!

 Pls my son, don't bring Osu lady into my family. If you do, your children and your children's children unto the third generations will curse your memory. It is not for my sake I speak my son, my days are few. You will bring sorrow on your head and the head of your children.

Think of that,  my son. Who will marry your daughters? Whose daughters will your sons marry?'

I am Steve Anc
Lover of words

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  1. This is great. Keep writing Bro. U r going places. Great poet.