Onye kwe, chinya ekwe

Onye kwe, chinya ekwe

Can you conceive it?

Steve Anc

As I leaned on the pedestrian  bridge and casted my imagination on the wheel of life; ruminating  on better ways to live it, the saying of the elders, "onye kwe Chi ya ekwe!", was relayed from within.

I was stunned by this strange realization, though I was fully conscious, but there were no more inflow of  thoughts to discard the previous axiom. Then I felt drawn into what seemed like a vortex of energy and uncontrollable eruption.

At first, it was a slow movement; as slow as leaking sachet of water, then it accelerated. I was gripped by an intense fear and my hands started to tremble. I heard the word, "you are not good enough!" as if an arrow shot at me  from behind. I could feel myself sucked into a void immediately.

But suddenly, I felt unspeakable sensation.
There was no more fear.
I was lifted my unknown force from the void.
Self-confidence and high self-esteem flushed out the pain by the previous arrow.

Without any more thought, I felt, I knew, there is more to what we can see with our necked eyes.
We are better than what the voice said.
We are the best version of ourselves.
There will never be another us in this world or the one come.
I got up and said to myself with strong affirmation again, "onye kwe Chi ya ekwe!"

Steve Anc
Lover of words

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