Seek her

Seek her

Seek her

  By Steve Anc

Seek and Yee  shall find!
Men live on without recognizing her

Here comes a moment in history when nothing quantify her.
When wealth and connections desert men in the city of oblivion.
A moment when humanities judge base on content of character not on charisma.

Forgive us, you might say, for we  know not what we do.
But here comes a moment  in history when ignorance is no longer a forgivable offense.
A moment when only she has the power to resolve it.

With purity of conscience, she bequeathed to you all the gift of hope and  salvation of tomorrow.
And yet there are men who hate her like a pleague, fueled by self-righteous that they can do without her.

There is the silver-haired being who careslessly  call her imperfect.
she is not a prophet.
She is your guidance.

She is WISDOM!

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