The gateway to Tranquility

The gateway to Tranquility

The gateway to tranquility

                        Steve Anc

Why the earth roar with tempest
And the roses riot in their bloom,
The curtains stir as  an ancient pain;
 The sound from the  piano
 transform from  gleam to gloom,
Still call me a tranquilist:
Cause deep attachment I have as a clay to the Potter.

While others trudge to the
court with fear on their sleeves,
As though ihe eme biwo;
Glid'd by throngs
And worship women, wine and fame,
I find no pleasure in them:
Cause I have reach'd the sober stage.

When I prefer to  trod miles,
to dine and wine
With the indolent mat of men,
Beside the fire in the hutch,
Still  find no tranquility;
Therefore, to meditate books
and pen with grace from my Maker I retir'd.

If the market of your time is for peace of mind,
Serenely close the mouth,
 unveil  the ears;
In tranquility you can only find:
Though the world with rage will bring
But hold it remote with clarifying contents and good spirit.

So let us who are of age and sere
 din of the battle shut by ear,
Hang sensitivity as garments
And accept the balm of solitude.

©Steve Anc
lover of words

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