The Nightingale of the broken heart

The Nightingale of the broken heart

Title: The Nightingale of the broken heart

Poet:  Steve Anc

 Was listening to the eerie breeze,
On the banyan dark and high tree
Among its branches I sigh for height;
As the glorious moonshine  atop-
Oh! How soft the radiance falls,
Brighten the dark'st floor;
 So did you clear doubt and
Proclaim'd love as I sat.

You call'd me away in your bosom,
Cause nothing to laud in loneliness;
That can allure my soul to decline.
So let me hasten in prospect,
And foot far away with thee;
To our belov'd land-
Where we can nourish love, as soul nourish'd thought,
Where I will ramble so oft' with thee
Without the world control.

Now on  the same  path, we are about to part,
Remember the bright restless azure eyes;
Now trembling teardrops hung betwixt the palpebra.
The Passion had been stern'
And dimm'd the bless'd light.

Please don't let the hour I knew thee be darken
Don't let the Nightingale that whistles our joy sings our woe,
Place your hands in my heavy chest
And call my soul to thee,
Let's seat and watch those acient tree again,
Forgetting the heart-broken torment'd night.

I had pinn'd in my heart to follow thee,
Till thou hast die;
What comfort could  I gain in thy absence?
All that is not love is now the diets of my soul.

The temple now lay without prayers or praises,
What can a  forlon like me do without thee?
Please stay with me,
Don't leave me alone  in the dark,
Will make you my idol.

© Steve Anc
lover of words
All rights reserved

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