What is agwu?

What is agwu?

What is agwu?

Steve Anc

It was a blissful afternoon, and I was in a bus around third mainland bridge Lagos, Nigeria. I was  reading one of my  favorite books ( Outwitting the Devil  by Napoleon Hill), then I was interrupted by a question from  a man abbreviated as MM and fully named Mad Madico.

He asked with his British  accent, "What is Agwu?"

I responded, "when I was younger without experience I imagine that the story of the land is easy, that anyone of us can get up and tell it. But that is not so. Not so about AGWU!

Agwu does not call a meeting to choose his seers and diviners or artists.
Agwu, the god of healers;
 Agwu the brother of Madness!

 Born in the same womb with Madness, but he and madness were not created by same  chi__.

 Agwu is the right hand a man extends to his fellows; Madness, the forbidden hand.

Madness unleashed and rides his man roughly into the wild Nzeogwu market. Whereby Agwu, possesses his own just as securely but have him corralled to serve the compound.

Agwu picks his disciple, ring his eyes with white chalk and dips his tongue, willing or unwilling, in the Brew of prophecy; immediately, the man will speak and put head and tail back to the severed trunk of our tale. He is the liar who can sit under his thatch and see the moon hanging in the sky outside.

This miracle man with chalked eye will see every blow in a battle he never fought. Especially, when he looked around him and found no age-mate to challenge his claim--he will turn the mark inflicted to him by chicken-pox and said he suffered in childhood into bullet scars.

The lies of those possessed by Agwu  are lies that do no harm to anyone. They float on top  of the story like bubbling at the top-mouth of new palm-wine.

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