You own my poem

You own my poem

Title: You own my poem
(Afiyah Melan Owusu -Evans)

Poet:   Steve Anc

My poem may be yours indeed,
Its  melody and tone, I assign to thee
In its rythm you can read a music of your own,
In its stream you can paddle into a world of your own.

Your lovely design is a wrap in your head,
As an indication you trudg'd the amusement park with momma,
And blade on the wall of history;
It will make the stanzas I believe
More yours than mine.

I am but a lover of words at the best,
But momma's love is more compassionate than words  I guess;
Though mean it may seem sometimes,
But with  infinitude  love, it came with  I suggest-
Cause your joy is her peace.

Your costume is the beauty that I sing,
With words I can't interpret;
Its magic and melody vibes in me
It is you  Afiyah Melan Owusu -Evans  who inspired this poem,
Yes, its glory and gleam I impute to you
The poem's yours.

© Steve Anc
Lover of words

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