56: the lyric number

56: the lyric number

56: the lyric number
(Happy birthday to Jackie Allen)

 Poet: Steve Anc

I have seen there is a lyric number
So dainty with prudence and light,
Ripe with radiance and cheer-
So rich with praise and gratitude
That she who  understands
dance for the grace of its attainment.

 The number when  Hermit Thrust  sing
To extol the God above,
Cause He had cleav'd it out  with pride;
Upon His perfect handwork!
His daughter's sake.

Fifty-six  is a lyric number
Today mark'ed the perfect day,
I hope I shall remember long 
Of the youthful years past;
Such Joy I saw in maiden's eyes.
So how on Earth should I be sad,
If everyday is today?

It is number fifty-six  
Alas! Let us live on,
In lyrics of love songs and rejoice for the gift of life,
With ecstasy from dusk to dawn
Untill we declare happy fifty-six birthday to Jackie Allen.

©Steve Anc
lover of words
All rights reserved

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