Intricate of time and life

Intricate of time and life

Title: Intricate of time and life 

Poet: Steve Anc

How often do I wish I had
How oft do I wish were white stork
What biologist call Ciconia ciconia
A bird without memories
A rufous  that sings to the cherubim
Swaff as fowl of the air.

How oft' I wish I  can wink it away
 as piles and cherubic lyrics
Walk around with eyes of Merry twinkle
With a winkle straps of  laughter, in the maxilla
Coruscating in conviviality and comfort.

How oft' I wish I  had thank'd  the gift of time
That restored my downcasted soul
For this understanding, let me glea above
And keep the lad in me alive
Without anger nor argument
Neither sigh nor bewail.

How oft' I wish men could restrain from chafe of living
But le cœur de homme knew not time heals
Flet with speed of time
 Walk with sorrow hand to hand.

Be Yee optimistic and forethought
With unruffled mind and realistic heart
Restrain your temper and your tongue
Let hope and faith guide thee
Let patient triumph over pain.

©Steve Anc
all rights reserved

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