The beautiful tale of nature

The beautiful tale of nature

Title: The beautiful tale of nature

Poet: Steve Anc

There is sunshine in a part of me
My mouth sings as baby laugh;
My blood flow as ceaseless breeze,
 My  golden youthful age, i devot'd for nature,
As a purple flower in a green garden;
I am now
A Wanderer wandering to admire.

I was once, I will say, an unciviliz'd man;
Roll only in my wall-lonely  cave,
Dwell only  in my lonely hole alone;
I have known, I swear, in my little walk of life,
The fret and tetter of  the encluded;
Cause their tongues and thoughts are in me-
 lovers of lonely things of Earth,
Overlook the beauty of nature.

In nature, where in I  gaze so seren,
To eschew all default that debauch the soul;
To scorn all strife and embrace all life
With the curious eyes as a child,
From the pageant  Patigi beach,
For I know, the   good of life is planned,
I want to see it all.

In nature, I had tour'd,
To see it all, through the wide-world eyes,
From the fig-like leaves to the pole-like stems,
I will pay the price.

So for the compassion of nature
 And gift of free thinking,
I pitch'd  my tent with no wall any more.
To range and to change at will;
To seek the  adventures trees;   
To admire what the eyes saw;
To live and tell the tale of nature.

© Steve Anc
Lover of words
All rights reserved
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