The Lamentation of an inmate

The Lamentation of an inmate

Title: The Lamentations of an inmate
 Subtitle: (A cry  from the prison yard)

Poet: Steve Anc

Up into the sky  I  hanker to stare
All the little stars I could feel
But  couldn't see
Though wish I could
Cause my face abstrus'd in gore
Inhale the haze of darkness at the brevity
 wretched and lonely in multitude

Fellow inmates laugh'd through the dry throat
Cause that were their goods to sale
I laugh'd and hoax'd then ween
Till my head began to nod
not in agreement to theirs prices
For the thought of a promising lad in a yard

 Though tis my term to serve
I must not grutch
For the gift of freedom I had betray'd
Breached the cord of liberty
Else my stay would have been a mistake
 will bear this with scorn
And harbour divided thoughts
Guilty or innocency  on my sleeve

Send yee prayer from thy hutch
Cause as little I knew about thee
I know thou cast not forget thy lad
Nor hate the thought of me in thy closet
Cause when all the inmates were away
My soul call for thee

My childhood simple years were nightmare
Upbraid' and circumvent the opportunity
Now hatred of repercussion cloud upon me as garment
Cause pride and ignorance had given way
I am  now a prisoner

©Steve Anc
Lover of words
All right reserves
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