The law of Creation

The law of Creation

 The law of Creation

Poet: Steve Anc

How jocund the human race will have been
If everyone will understand the law 'f creation:
As Manatees and guppies dwell without enormity but  conformity;
In a  dewy and breezeful precincts,
Instead of a fiery and flaming whack.

Do not think I speak to joke!
Neither joke  with my speak!
Caus' pure reason 's i' the armpit of well-meaner.
 Inoculat'd  that all creatures need life,
Also shouldn't parry from shelter;
Thus imagine how it thrusts in thirsty
for water.

How lovely compassionate parents passionately,
 Stoop to the ground  and kiss their lily ones;
Truly I just wear such a mind for little creatures.

In sublime and with  simplicity of thought I solicit,
Enow the hatred of the poor brute:
Men should school in unity with fauna.

How healthy is the breezeway as 't   sniffs to sip,
And how it wing with saucy flossy
Below the basement of the taddy  path
Sipping for living.

So let m'  sing the  lyrics of the wirick's without satiric,
Asking how blithe  the world will lithe
If everyone had fore-saw the law of creation?

© Steve Anc
lover of words
All rights reserved

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