Ask for the path

Ask for the path

Ask for the path

Poet: Steve Anc

The day is at hand
Everything is clinging as clangor
The wing is mixed with hazard
Majority standing in-between
Minority  sombred  with facade

 From inchoation had I known this day
Where history records the insensate act
Nature swift the feet of  human conscience
In search of unwavering personality
To reward  discipline  as the panacea

Cause and effect
had I set as the watchdog
Weighing the sequel
Asking  of  what end

Alack! For the desinence of the soul
Alas! For the penitance  of the conscience
Have they conceal in hearts

But I say
Many will stride on that path
Many will stem on the path
Other will thirsty for the path
Never be carried away by the path
Always ask for the reason for thepath

Steve Anc
Lover of words
All rights reserved

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